Hidenwood Pool



Hidenwood membership,
I wanted to take a moment to update you on recent activity.  Last week the board met, and a decision has been made to reduce the maintenance fee and requirements by half for 2020 dues.  2020 maintenance fee will be $50 or 3 hours.  Anyone who has already completed maintenance hours for 2020 has met their obligation.
After speaking with the health inspector, he advises we move forward in preparing the pool for an opening of June 10th.  An email will follow shortly (within the next week) detailing how we will handle work days to prepare the pool.  We will look to limit the amount of people working at one time and thus will be requiring response back if you plan to attend a given work day.
Invoices will be going out soon for 2020.  Feel free to hold off on payment till a guaranteed open date is nailed down.  We will not be hosting a registration day.  Dues will need to be mailed in, paid in person when the pool is opened, or paid online (by electronic check or debit/credit card via emailed invoice).
Hope to see everyone soon,
Neil Hanlon