Now Hiring Pool Manager!

Pool Mananger

We are now hiring for our Pool Manager’s position for the Summer of 2020!  

(See application link below)

POOL MANAGER Position Summary:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to enforcing policies and procedures, which ensure efficient and effective operation of pool facilities including personnel management.

Duties involve all swimming pool operations, including first aid, scheduling for staff, janitorial duties, and limited pool maintenance including daily chemicals. MUST also participate in stand rotations when on duty and
coordinate monthly in-service meetings.

Analysis/testing of chemicals, pool cleaning, cleaning of bathrooms & concession stand area, swim lessons, and all other duties as necessary or required.

This employee should have excellent organizational, communication, and public relation skills. This is a WORKING supervisory position requiring weekend and holiday work. This employee is required to hold a Life Guard Certification and IS expected to stand lifeguard duties.

Education & Experience: Prefer candidates with knowledge and experience in pool management operations. Must have Lifeguard Training Certification, CPR & First Aid Certification.

Examples of work (essential functions)
· Prepare all work schedules for employees (life guards)
· Chemical analysis and application
· Assist (as required) in hiring of lifeguards
· Insure hourly employees work no more than 40 hours per week
· Verify as needed hours, days, & time worked for all employees
· Insure employees under his/her direct supervision are properly trained in their duties
· Insure proper operating condition of all equipment
· Handle first aid problems
· Maintain staff rotations and staff breaks
· Maintain discipline at the swimming pool facility and supervises all staff enforcing
policies and rules
· Enforce the Hidenwood Swimming Pool rules and regulations
· Maintain positive public (member) relations at the swimming pool
· Document and report all disciplinary problems and accidents to the Board
· Maintain a clean facility including but not limited to bathrooms, trash picked up in and
outside of facility, pool vacuumed as needed
· Set a positive example for the rest of the staff to follow
· Inform Maintenance Manager when supplies are needed and if equipment needs repaired
· Check all gates and doors at closing time
· Meet with the board and provide information concerning pool operations
· Other duties as deemed necessary or as required.

If interested in EITHER position, please complete the application at the following link: