Phase 3 Update

Phase 3 begins on Wednesday, July 1st. We will note that only a couple of guidelines have changed or relaxed. The restriction of only 3 persons per lane has been removed and free swim is now allowed under Phase 3, however cleaning and social distancing requirements are STILL in place.  10ft spacing in the pool and on the pool deck are still REQUIRED.

We will be removing the designations off of the sign ups for “lane rental or sunbathing”.  All members will have access to swim in the pool at their leisure during their sign up period but MUST maintain the 10ft spacing from members that are not in their household at all times. Due to our small size and the social distancing requirements, we will keep the sign up genius in place with the same sign up guidelines.

The signup process seems to be working well and will ensure that we do not end up with too many people at the pool. With only approximately half the normal summer membership, we are still seeing open spots on some days. Additionally, by spacing out throughout the day, we can ensure that we have proper lifeguard staffing while reducing our operating budget where possible.

We will be leaving the center lane rope in to give a visual reminder that social distancing is still in effect. The center lane rope can also aid in keeping your family in a specific area if you desire. Please remember that it is not the lifeguards’ responsibility to ensure that we are social distancing. This is incumbent upon our membership and very important follow.

Diving is still allowed.  As always, only 1 person may be on the diving board at a time.  The dive will MUST be cleared of the previous diver before the next diver may enter the water.  There are social distancing markers on the ground in the dive will area that must be used when waiting your turn to dive.

Please remember to continue to clean your chairs upon arrival AND before leaving.

The restriction of only 1 person in the bathroom (unless assisting a child) is still in place.