Safety Rules and Regulations

Safety Rules and Regulations

The following rules have been established for the benefit and protection of all users of the pool. These will help insure safe and sanitary operation of the facilities and proved enjoyable recreation for all members and their guests.


Parents should instruct their children to observe these rules and to obey the instructions of the Pool Manager, Assistant Manager and the Lifeguards.

The following disciplinary procedures are in effect for failure to comply with the pool rules:


First offense….Warning

Second offense….One-Day Suspension

Third Offense….One Week Suspension



Members MUST be paid in full before their members and their guests may be admitted.



1) those living in the member’s home as a family

2) one or two responsible adults caring for the children.

Babysitters are included with prior notification only.

Babysitters MUST be babysitting. If the babysitter is coming to the pool

with the adults in the family, that babysitter is considered a guest.


A MEMBER FAMILY does not include

1) children who have established their own separate home

2) children that a member is babysitting

3) Employees


Children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Exceptions: Children between the ages of 9 and 17 who have submitted an emergency contact card on file at the Lifeguard station.



Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during normal operating hours. Anyone showing signs of intoxication will be asked to leave the facility. Lifeguards and Board Members will respectfully ask you to remove the alcohol from the premises.


Swimming aids and toys in the pool are allowed at the discretion of the Managers and Lifeguards.


GLASS OBJECTS are FORBIDDEN in the pool area.


No chewing of gum inside the fenced area.


No open refreshments are allowed in the pool water.


All debris will be put in the trash containers provided.


Pool chairs are for SITTING only. Please do not tip, rock or abuse the pool chairs.


Adults have priority over lounge chairs.


Willful damage to property by members or their guests will be charged to the member involved.


Animals are not allowed in the pool area.


No smoking is permitted within the pool enclosure. See designated areas for smoking.


No profanity or abusive language tolerated on HRA Property.


No inappropriate or offensive behavior tolerated on HRA Property.


No Spouting of water, spitting or similar unhygienic activities.


No running, wrestling or horseplay on the concrete and deck.


No mermaid tail suits allowed.


No diving from the side of the pool except in the diving board/well area.


No jumping or diving into the pool too near others.


No diving or jumping off ladders.


Swimming in the diving well area must stop if any group of 3 (three) people request to dive.


Flips and twists allowed on the high dive only.


One person at a time on the diving board.


No diving or jumping from the side of the diving boards.


One lifeguard will be in the stand and a second will be in another location around the pool at all times.


No swimming unless at least one lifeguard is in the stand.


Stay away from the lifeguard stand. Do not distract the lifeguards from their work.





Lifeguards are not responsible for observing the wading pool.




Children over six (6) years of age are not allowed in the wading pool.


Disposable Diapers are not allowed. Cloth diapers with rubber pants and swim diapers are acceptable.


NO Running in the wading pool area.


Small non-rigid, unbreakable toys are permitted in the wading pool.




An Out of Town guest is any visitor from outside the Peninsula area.

The peninsula area is defined as Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, York County, Poquoson and Seaford.

An adult HRA member must accompany Out of Town guests or arrangements must be made in advance with the Pool Manager.  HRA member and guests will sign in at the gate. There will be no charge for Out of Town guests.




A Local guest is any visitor from the Peninsula area.

The Peninsula area is defined as Newport News,  Hampton, Williamsburg, York County, Poquoson and Seaford.  All local pool guests must be accompanied by an HRA member.  The member and Local guests must sign in at the gate.  Local guests will pay a fee of $5.00 per day upon entering (Limit of 5 visits per guest per summer).


Abuse of the guest privileges and policies hurts our association and consequently, all of us, financially.

Please assist us in enforcing these policies.